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The candidacy of Joe Biden – it is all over now.

Quickcheck by political scientist @BalderGullveig.
Saturday, july 6th, 2024 (04:00 a.m.)

The Biden interview on ABC was like a public execution. After CNN, this was the second left-leaning news channel to drop Biden.

ABC mercilessly showed a stubborn candidate who cannot or does not want to perceive the impending election defeat against Trump, but who cannot think of anything other than appeasement and trivialization of the danger of losing the presidency. His only „argument“ is that he will win and only he can win.

This will not reassure any supporter of his party and certainly not the officials. After the duel with Trump, this is his second TV debacle in a few days. Part 2 of the interview will be broadcast on Sunday. There will be nothing left to save here.

In the next few days, even hours, we will see that leading Democrats and, above all, donors are pulling out. Sticking with the candidacy is hopeless; the question will be whether those around him will persuade Biden to drop out of the race or whether an unprecedented mudslinging within the party will shake the Democrats four months before the election.

In both cases there is an incredible failure on the part of the party strategists, who could have easily recognized such a threatening escalation. Apparently the dashed hope of being able to legally dissuade Trump from running for office has created complete chaos in the party.

Because the Democratic Party itself is unable to nominate a promising candidate instead of Biden, the previously loyal left-liberal media companies are now doing this. There are exciting days ahead for political observers.

And every person who has not completely lost their empathy must be shocked by the way way a small ideologically completely stubborn power clique deals with a senile person whose helplessness is obvious.

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